About Us

Australia’s leading commercial linen service. Cleaning over 5 million pieces every week nationwide. Contact us for quality linen hire you can rely on.


Pieces Washed Every Week

SPL washes, dries, irons and folds over 5,100,000 pieces of linen each week. So that’s 2,326,000 kilos or 2,326 tonnes of your sheets, robes, towels, tea towels, napkins and more laundered at each of our sites across Australia.

That’s how long it takes us to dry 100 kilos of linen. 5,100,000 pieces of linen would take you 193,833 loads in your home 12kg domestic drier, or 11 years of your time. Our washing machines stand 2.7 meters high and 14 meters long and so when you need tonnes of laundry washed, you’ll be in very experienced hands.
World-Class Facilities

Our business has developed and grown over the years. At SPL we pride ourselves on securing and utilising the latest and most efficient machinery. Over the last five years, SPL has built four brand new state-of-the-art plants across Australia, expanding our business to 9 fully operational facilities and 13 remote distribution centres. This includes new facilities in Perth WA, Adelaide SA, Broadmeadows in Melbourne, and Bankstown, Sydney.

Career Opportunities

Our Story

From our humble commencement in Melbourne over 30 years ago we now deliver premium quality linen and laundry services tailored to the demands of a wide range of industry segments. At SPL, we understand that every product and service we provide, creates a lasting impression on your customers, whether they be guests, staff, or others, and we want to help you make this experience great.

As we’ve grown, so has our investment in technology and capability ensuring we now offer industry leading services on a scale unparalleled in Australia. This is underpinned by highly experienced staff and continuously improving management systems.

The strong financial backing of our owners has provided us with the capability to make further investments in new linen and technology, further strengthening our position as the industry leader in linen services across Australia, giving you peace of mind that we will be by your side in the years ahead.


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