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Access high-quality linen whenever you need it. 24/7 access & simple self serve pickup for businesses & accommodation. Daily hire until you return it.
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Access Premium Linen Whenever You Need

The world has changed. So has the way we supply linen. More of us are holidaying at home and this means hosts of short stay accommodation have never been busier. We wanted to help hosts deliver a 5-star experience for guests by giving them access to our premium linen in some of Australia’s most favoured holiday spots.
1. Select
2. Scan
3. Enjoy
4. Return
5. Repeat

Why The Linen Hub?

Our linen hubs are filled with fresh, clean, quality linen in locations where short stay hosts need it most at any time. Get the linen you need using an access card at any of our hubs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whatever time of the day or night works best for you. Select the linen you need and as you walk out the door see the linen in your hands appear on the screen and you’re ready to go. You are only charged for the linen you have on the days that you have it. When your guests leave, return your dirty linen to the hub and replenish your linen stocks ready for your next guests. 

Simple. Easy. Quick. 

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Premium Linen

The linen you find in the hubs is the same linen you’ll find in some of Australia’s best hotels.

24/7 Access

The hubs are open 24/7 allowing you to have access to clean linen whenever suits you most.

Multiple Locations

Our hubs are arriving in some great Australian holiday destinations, ready to create a 5-star hotel experience for your guests.

Hands-off Easy Pickup

With our automatic sensors, the linen you scan out of the hub is what you are charged for until you return it.


About The Hub

How It Works
Using a unique ID Card you will have access to the Linen Hub 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to choose the linen you need. The Hub will automatically display the number of linen items you are taking on screen before you leave. When you have finished with the linen, simply place it in the return chute (and collect freshly laundered linen for your next booking, if needed). It’s that simple!
24/7 Access

24 hours a day, 7 days a week – The Linen Hub is not available for a 1-hour period from 3am-4am.

Linen Hub Support

SPL Customer Care is available for our Linen Hub customers Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am to 2pm on 1300 038 222 or via email at Emails are monitored outside of these hours.

Hub Servicing
Our delivery schedule is by demand. The Linen Hubs use RFID technology so we know exactly what linen is moved in and out of the Hub each day. The stock levels are monitored to ensure that we never run out of linen and if a Hub has a higher than usual use and stock levels are getting low, we will endeavour to schedule extra deliveries. Our priority is to ensure all items are always available.

If something doesn’t look right when you are in the Hub, we will not automatically invoice you for the linen you take. We will receive an alert that shows you attended our Linen Hub, and something went wrong. Sometimes this can be a human error, or it could be something else. We will investigate this using the camera footage from the Hub and the scanning records, and we’ll let you know why it happened.

If you think it may have been a human error whilst checking out, such as leaving the doors open between the Clean Linen room and the scanning point, we ask you to please re-visit how the Linen Hub works here and follow the instructions of use for linen pick up and scanning at the Hub. We will issue you with a manual invoice for the linen you picked up at this time. We will also calculate the rental period based on the average length of hire in your area.

Weekly invoices will be issued for the previous weeks linen hire and are subsequently due within 7 days. If you have set up a direct debit, payment will be taken on the due date. At the end of the month, you may receive a second invoice to finalise the month’s end.
You can nominate to receive a summary report or a full customer reconciliation report with your invoice when you set up an account. You can change this at any time by contacting SPL customer care.

SPL’s Linen Hub works with state-of-the-art RFID technology. This solution allows us to deliver savings to our customers, as well as support and guidance through data analysis. The customer reconciliation report (provided to you weekly with your invoice) should answer all your questions. If not, please ask our Customer Care. We are happy to work through this with you. We do require you to report any issues within 7 days of receiving your invoice.

Daily Hire

You will only be charged for the length of time you have the linen. We charge a pick up price when you collect the linen. Subsequently you are charged a daily rental price commencing on the day after you pick up the linen. When you return the linen, the rental charges stop. Daily hire charges are outlined in your service agreement with us.

Rebate Program

Our rebate program has been implemented for our larger volume customers who use the Hub frequently. This rebate will be provided as a credit against your account each year in July based on the total annual spend (excluding GST or any credits from 1 July to 30 June).

Annual Purchases (1 July TO 30 June) Rebate %
From $20,000 to $40,000 3.0%
From $40,001 to $80,000 5.0%
Linen Items
The linen in our hubs is the same linen that we provide to our 5-star hotel customers. Our hubs have similar linen items on offer but please let us know if you would like us to review adding an item to the hub by contacting You will have full access to any of the linen items in the Linen Hub. Linen Bags are also provided for your convenience to transport our linen to and from your premises. Please only use our linen bags as they are designed to protect our linen while in transport.
Lost Linen

Let us know quickly! As you are charged a daily rental price until the item is returned you will continue to be charged until we are advised of the loss. Once you tell us, we will charge as loss of linen and the daily rental charge will stop. If you are unable to return any items (for any reason), please let us know as soon as you know so we can stop the daily rental charge. This is obviously something we would both like to avoid. If we can assist your team in any way to ensure and encourage linen returns, please let our service teams know.

Replacement Costs
Linen Item Replacement Price (25/01/2023)
Linen Bag $5.00
Tea Towel $2.00
Face Towel $2.00
Bathmat $10.00
Hand Towel $4.00
Bath Towel/Sheet $15.00
Pool Towel $15.00
Pillowcase Standard $5.00
Pillowcase King $5.00
Sheet Single $24.00
Sheet Queen $24.00
Sheet King $24.00
Top Sheet Single $34.00
Top Sheet Queen $34.00
Top Sheet King $34.00
Doona Cover Single $55.00
Doona Cover Queen $55.00
Doona Cover King $55.00
Reject Linen

Sometimes linen with quality flaws can be placed in the Hub despite our quality controls as linen processing is highly automated. If you see this prior to checking out, please place the flawed linen in the reject basket provided in the Clean Linen room of the Hub. If you notice the flaw after you have left the Hub, then follow this procedure:

  1. Place the flawed linen in our red linen bags provided in the Hub.
  2. Attach SPL’s reject form to the linen bag.
  3. Place the reject bag in the returns chute.
  4. SPL will review the rejected linen and a credit will be provided as per the reject policy listed in your service agreement with us.

Linen Hire Calculator

Our daily hire calculator is designed to support you in ascertaining the cost of your linen based on the selected product items and length of hire. Total includes pick up price + daily hire for each item.

Pick Up Price Daily Hire Quantity Days to Hire Cost

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