SPL Linen Technology

Our innovative SPL Linen technology provides 24/7 access to clean, fresh linen. Solar-powered units featuring RFID technology. Find out more.

Linen Hubs

The evolution of accommodation has seen the supply and demand of short stay rental accommodation continuing to increase. Providing linen just in time for this market has never been more important. We knew there was a far better way to provide linen to these customers, particularly those in areas a little harder to supply, and set to work developing a solution utilising RFID technology. 

Our mobile linen hubs are a fully self- contained unit and have been designed to offer the short term stay market access to clean, fresh linen 24/7. Designed to be an environmentally sustainable solution minimising the carbon footprint in delivery of linen, the mobile hubs can be a completely off-grid solution. These unmanned, solar powered units are finding their way to locations where linen supply has traditionally proved challenging. 

Our permanent hubs, the first of which opened in Broadmeadows, followed closely by a much larger location in Port Douglas, where On Demand linen was required. 

Filled with linen and the very best of technology, these hubs are located in some of Australia’s top tourist destinations. 

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