Tracked Linen Supply

RFID linen tracking ensures we track linen movements between our business and yours. Learn more.
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Tracked Linen Supply

Tracking linen movements from our business to yours, and back, using smart linen technology. Ensuring we have what you need on site when you need it most. Have your own linen? We can make it smarter ensuring you track your investment every step of the way.

SPL is a leader in the implementation of RFID technology for the laundry industry. Linen supplied to our customer for many years now has included a small RFID chip and this can also extend to linen that you own. SPL can work with your manufacturer to ensure our technologies match, or we can chip your linen post purchase to assist in tracking the lifecycle of your linen investment.

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Service Area

Our smarter linen technology using the powers of RFID and more is currently available from our Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Cairns locations with further development planned in Mackay, Brisbane and Sydney.

This service ensures a consistent and reliable flow of linen to meet your business needs. Available for both rental and your own linen to ensure you are protecting one of your most valuable assets. SPL can monitor the location and use of linen and help you to chip your linen as well.

Wherever you are in the country, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, providing you with a reliable solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Experience the convenience of nationwide coverage and the assurance of top-tier linen supply with our Tracked Linen Supply.


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