Environmental, Social and Governance

We’re committed to making our business as green as possible, guided by our ESG. Our services are designed with sustainability in mind. Find out more.

Committed to Creating a Sustainable Footprint

We’ve done everything we can to ensure that our business is as green as possible, and we’re committed to holding our place among the most environment-friendly industrial launderers. We take our commitment to the environment seriously and have invested heavily in reducing water, gas and electricity usage across all our plants.

SPL is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility in terms of their economic, social, and environmental impacts. In 2006, the company embarked on a project to support the implementation of a suite of sustainable technologies, which Sustainability Victoria believes resulted in our Melbourne laundry being the most resources smart laundry in the industry. All SPL plants are designed with environmental sustainability in mind whilst achieving the smallest carbon footprint possible.

SPL have set a new benchmark for other large industrial laundries as well as many other industries that use large amounts of processed hot water and/or discharge the water to sewers, such as hospitals, large hotels, small food processing plants and the food-manufacturing sector. Other notable improvements we have made include updated CSR rating, KEMCO, gas usage reduction, energy audit, hybrid vehicles, and special partnerships. Enquire now to get to know more.


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