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All-in-one managed linen service for businesses across a range of industries using smart linen technology. Simple & streamlined linen supply. Currently available in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Cairns. Traditional supply in Brisbane, Mackay and Sydney whilst we develop these sites. Contact us today.
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SPL is a leader in the implementation of RFID technology for the laundry industry. Linen supplied to our customer for many years now has included a small RFID chip. This chip is the key to unlocking enormous potential for us both by simplifying and automating many aspects of the linen supply chain. So, after years of investment, data collection and auditing, testing and trials, managed linen services for SPL customers is being progressively introduced.


What is RFID linen?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a system that uses radio waves to identify a small microchip with a transmitter/receiver sewn discretely into the linen. Each chip has a unique identification code that is recorded in our RFID system.

The SPL RFID System integrates across our entire linen inventory, monitoring the lifecycle and health of each piece of linen from purchasing, through daily use, to final discard. It works by identifying and recording RFID tagged linen and laundry trolleys each time they pass an SPL calibrated RFID reader. This enables us to monitor linen quality, age, where it was last used and where it needs to go next, while also significantly improving traceability for health or quality purposes.

SPL’s RFID System will assist in optimising your linen inventory, minimising spend and monitoring supplied linen quality and quantity against agreed standards. It will also enable a precise history of linen movement, improving reporting capabilities, demand forecasting and item traceability, which has become increasingly important.

SPL’s Managed Linen Service removes the need for traditional customer ordering by monitoring returned linen against agreed on site stock levels and automatically generating replacement orders. This ensures on premise stock is maintained at agreed levels, avoiding overspend, reducing time spent on inventory management and increasing confidence in what is in your linen pantries and what is being delivered.

The RFID chips we use have been selected for their durability with testing confirming they can be processed through our laundry over 200 times with a greater than 99% success rate.

If our RFID system identifies linen with a damaged chip the item is segregated for assessment of last use and likely cause of damage, before the chip is removed and replaced.

Our current pricing allows for some item loss or damage, which is expected in day to day use. From time to time we see high levels of loss or damage from a property that renders it unusable. This impacts our ability to supply and ultimately your business.

Where we identify an unusually high rate of loss or damaged items we will first bring it to your attention to find ways for improvement before taking any further action.

It’s important to note that we have always held the right to claim for damage or loss, where our goods have been provided as a rental item.

SPL’s RFID system will help both SPL and our customers to manage costs. From reduction in staff requirements and visibility over linen movement providing better stock management, the benefits will be progressively delivered as we increase RFID functionality.

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Our smarter linen technology using the powers of RFID and more is currently available in supply from our Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Cairns locations with further development planned Mackay, Brisbane and Sydney. 

Tailored to suit the needs of high-volume linen supply customers, this service ensures a consistent and reliable flow of quality linen to meet your business needs. 

Wherever you are in the country, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, providing you with a reliable solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. 

Experience the convenience of nationwide coverage and the assurance of top-tier linen supply with our Guaranteed Supply Service. 


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