Between the Sheets with Tina Ly 

Meet Tina, our Production Manager. Tina has been with us for over 16 years and though we know her well, we wanted to get even closer and hear more about her time at SPL.
  • Published: 3 years ago

16 years ago, Tina began her first shift in the full dryer loading area at our Northcote location. Today, she works as our Production Manager at Broadmeadows.

We asked Tina to take us back. 16 years is a long time for any business, especially a growing one like ours, and we were sure she’d seen some changes. “The SPL of today is very different from its days in Northcote” Tina says. “More sophisticated equipment, high volume production and safety considerations create an exciting workplace with many challenges, but great satisfaction.”
Tina took us through a day in her life at SPL, as our recently appointed Production Manager Tina oversees our plant production and manages her team to meet efficiency KPOH and finance targets. Tina spends a lot of her time mentoring new Supervisors and is regularly walking the floor to monitor and support. It gets her steps up, but also keeps her connected to the team. Tina is in charge of quality inspections and keeps up regular contact with the sales and service team to ensure customer requirements are met.

Recapping her time at SPL, Tina says “SPL has given me the opportunity to work with wonderful people and learn so many things about myself and how to deal with people.” Importantly though, Tina’s top laundry learning is to “​​always use liquid detergent and dissolve it in water before loading clothes in a top loader, and to check and clean the filter often!”

This is our Between the Sheets series, we hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our Production Manager Tina Ly.

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