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Click, collect & return. Simple, easy-to-use click & collect linen supply for a range of industries. Find your nearest location online.
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Small to Medium Hotels & Motels
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Access Premium Linen Whenever You Need

With more and more people wanting self serve access to linen in much larger quantities we’ve added Click & Collect to our supply offer. Pre-order your linen online, arrange your transport through a list of our preferred suppliers (or your own), collect linen in your selected time slot, use the linen and either return it during your next collection or book a return only slot. Click, Collect, Return. Another simple way we’re ensuring guaranteed linen supply for your business.

How it works

1. Order Online
2. Organise your transport
3. Collect your linen
4. Return your linen


Premium Linen

The linen you will find in Click & Collect is the same linen you’ll find in some of Australia’s best hotels.

6-Day Access

Click & Collect is open to meet our current demand, 6 days a week. Our dedicated team is onsite to assist with loading & unloading of your linen.

Multiple Locations

Our Click & Collect teams are currently in Melbourne, regional Victoria and regional New South Wales.

Easy Collection

Click & Collect offers easy collection at your convenience. At pick up, should your requirements have changed, our team are able to increase or decrease your order.


About Click & Collect

How It Works
Place your order online and select your preferred collection time & location. Our dedicated team will meet you on-site, ensuring your order is accurate, as well as helping you load it into your vehicle. When you’re done using the linen, simply return it to the Click & Collect depot or Collection point and exchange it for freshly laundered linen if needed. Weekly billing for the Linen you collect.

Each location works on demand. Based on your requirements our team is here to support you. If the above Click & Collect times don’t suit, speak to your local Click & Collect team to speak about a schedule that best suits your business.

Our Click & Collect locations include Broadmeadows, Albert Park, Hawthorn East, Seddon, Colac, Warrnambool, Albury and Adelaide.

Click & Collect Customer Care

SPL Customer Care is available for our Click & Collect customers Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm and Saturday 11am to 6pm on 1300 038 222 or via email at Emails are monitored outside of these hours.


There are several options for transport.  

  1. You collect the linen  
  2. Utilise an SPL transport partner 
  3. Engage your own transport provider 
  4. Use a combination of all 3 

We have negotiated with our SPL transport partners for preferred pricing for our Click & Collect customers. Preferred SPL transport partner listing is available via our Customer Resource portal.

Weekly invoices will be issued for the previous weeks linen hire and are subsequently due within 7 days. If you have set up a direct debit, payment will be taken on the due date. At the end of the month, you may receive a second invoice to finalise the month’s end.
You can nominate to receive a summary report or a full customer reconciliation report with your invoice when you set up an account. You can change this at any time by contacting SPL customer care.

SPL’s Click & Collect works with state-of-the-art RFID technology. This solution allows us to deliver savings to our customers, as well as support and guidance through data analysis. The customer reconciliation report (provided to you weekly with your invoice – upon request) should answer all your questions. If not, please ask customer care. We are happy to work through this with you. We do require you to report any issues within 7 days of receiving your invoice.

Daily Hire
You will only be charged for the length of time you have the linen. We charge a pick up price when you collect the linen. Subsequently you are charged a daily rental price commencing on the day after you pick up the linen. When you return the linen, the rental charges stop. Daily hire charges are outlined in your service agreement with us.
Rebate Program

Our rebate program has been implemented for our larger volume customers who use Click & Collect frequently. This rebate will be provided as a credit against your account each year in July based on the total annual spend (excluding GST or any credits from 1 July to 30 June).

Annual Purchases (1 July TO 30 June) Rebate %
From $20,000 to $40,000 3.0%
From $40,001 to $80,000 5.0%
Linen Items

The linen available through Click & Collect is the same linen that we provide to our 5-star hotel customers. Click & collect has similar linen items on offer but please let us know if you would like us to review adding an item for your use by contacting

Linen Bags are also provided for your convenience to transport our linen to and from your premises. Please only use our linen bags as they are designed to protect our linen while in transport.

Lost Linen
Let us know quickly! As you are charged a daily rental price until the item is returned you will continue to be charged until we are advised of the loss. Once you tell us, we will charge as loss of linen and the daily rental charge will stop. If you are unable to return any items (for any reason), please our Customer Care team know as soon as possible so we can stop the daily rental charge. This is obviously something we would both like to avoid. If we can assist your team in any way to ensure and encourage linen returns, please let our customer care team know.
Replacement Costs
Linen Item Replacement Price (25/01/2023)
Linen Bag $5.00
Tea Towel $2.00
Face Towel $2.00
Bathmat $10.00
Hand Towel $4.00
Bath Towel/Sheet $15.00
Pool Towel $15.00
Pillowcase Standard $5.00
Pillowcase King $5.00
Sheet Single $24.00
Sheet Queen $24.00
Sheet King $24.00
Top Sheet Single $34.00
Top Sheet Queen $34.00
Top Sheet King $34.00
Doona Cover Single $55.00
Doona Cover Queen $55.00
Doona Cover King $55.00
Reject Linen

Sometimes the linen you collect may have some quality flaws despite our quality controls as linen processing is highly automated. You are more than welcome to check the linen with one of our team members before you take it. If you notice the flaw after you have left, then follow this procedure: 

  1. Place the flawed linen aside, or in one of the red linen bags which our team can provide you. 
  2. Attach SPL’s reject form to the linen bag. This is available via our Customer Resource portal.  
  3. Provide the reject linen bag to a Click & Collect team member when you return or pick up your next order.  
  4. SPL will review the rejected linen and a credit will be provided as per the reject policy listed in your service agreement with us. 

Linen Hire Calculator

Our daily hire calculator is designed to support you in ascertaining the cost of your linen based on the selected product items and length of hire. Total includes pick up price + daily hire for each item. Calculator is excluding GST.

Pick Up Price Daily Hire Quantity Days to Hire Cost

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