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Our Colac branch is located centrally to the Great Ocean Road and proudly supports the local region. We’re dedicated to providing premium linen services in Colac tailored to the unique needs of businesses and accommodations in the area. Services offered via our Colac team are designed to streamline your linen needs, offering a convenient 24/7 self-serve linen hire solution via our Linen Hubs, located at Apollo Bay, Lorne and Anglesea, as well as the convenience of our Click & Collect service and our Traditional Supply.


What Services are offered in Colac?

Traditional Supply is a linen service for businesses across a range of industries, where our smart linen service is yet to be implemented. This basic supply model is available in Brisbane, Mackay and Sydney.

With more and more short stay and small hotel hosts wanting self-serve access to linen in much larger quantities we’ve added Click & Collect to our supply offer. Pre-order your linen online, arrange your transport through a list of our preferred suppliers (or your own), collect linen in your selected time slot, use the linen and either return it during your next collection or book a return only slot. Click, Collect, Return. Another simple way we’re ensuring guaranteed linen supply for your business.

Access premium Linen when you need it. The world has changed. So has the way we supply linen. More of us are holidaying at home and this means hosts of short stay accommodation have never been busier. We wanted to help hosts deliver a 5-star experience for guests by giving them access to our premium linen in some of Australia’s most favoured holiday spots by using our mobile and fixed Linen Hubs. Pay for linen only as long as you use it.

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