Your towels need TLC, too 

They say the most sustainable wardrobe is the one you already own, well we feel the same about linen. Cared for properly, everyday linens like your bath towels can live a little longer, stay a little softer and remain as absorbent as their first day of use. Here’s a few of our tips for taking care of your towels.
  • Published: 3 years ago

SH: What do we want? Soft, long-lasting towels. How do we get it? With proper care.

B: Treating towels with a little TLC is not only good for the environment, but it saves you money as well. Our experience as Australia’s industry-leading, commercial laundry provider we feel gives us a little credibility to share advice in this space. So let’s get to the tips.

  • Keep your beauty and cleaning products well away – Medicated face washes, facial creams, hair colourant and certain cleaners can and will damage your towel. Keep them well away!
  • Loose loops get cut – If the loops in your towel start to pull, don’t tug on them. This can damage the towel and shorten its lifespan. Take to loose loops with with a pair of scissors instead.
  • Show harsh chemicals the door – Harsh chemicals can destroy towel fibres and reduce their lifespan significantly. Go for high quality cleaners, they’re better on your towel and the environment too.

We work with Australia’s leading hotels, providing our leading linen care on a grand scale and we’re all about longevity. For us, correct cleaning and care can save our customers (and the planet) from needing to continually replace and renew their linen closets. Our final takeaway? Quality care equals a long life for your linen.

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